Betsson Casino Reviews

The importance of an online casino choosing the right software provider

Betsson-Casino-LogoThe majority of online casinos brands operating in the market do not actually build their online casinos or the games that they host themselves. There are a handful of specialist casino software development companies that produce the games and casinos that a large part of the industry uses. Online casinos tend to either operate an entire white label version of an online casino developed by someone else or run a casino which is designed to be able to host games provided by two or more development companies. The casino then simply chooses a variety of different casino games to license from different providers and plugs them in to the casino. The advantage of this is that they can then choose different providers for different games depending on who they believe has the best product for what game. Some of the bigger software development companies however only allow casinos to operate some of their most successful games under exclusivity agreements that mean the client casino must take their whole suit and not offer the products of other companies. The industry is however moving more towards the ‘mix and match’ flexibility of casino platforms that support games from a variety of providers.

The user’s experience is therefore very reliant on which software provider or providers the casino they play in uses. Betsson casino reviews made by players for example are likely to be very similar to those of other casinos using the same software development company. The only difference is likely to be comments made about the customer support and management of the casino. The games, bonuses and point programs are likely to be more or less identical between different casino operators using the same software. If you are unhappy with the level of customer service you are receiving at your choice of online casino, but are generally happy with the games on offer, you could look for other casinos using the same software platform. You will then be able to maintain consistency in your overall playing experience whilst hopefully getting improved customer service from the casino. Similarly you will be able to avoid groups of casinos and avoid repeating a negative experience if you are not happy with the games themselves by taking note of who the software development company used is. The three biggest software development companies to the gaming industry are Cryptology, Microgaming and Playtech.